September Goals (and August Progress)

September is a month of new experiences and new routines – getting back into the swing of life with school and activities for the kids.  My focus this month is prospering in our finances –  reading a book by Dave Ramsey (Financial Peace) and considering his wisdom on finances.  Also reading a book called The Everyday Visionary by Jesse Duplantis which is broadening my thoughts about dreams and goals and life.

Some big changes going on at the the White House … at least in my life.  Good and exciting changes: we have been getting the landscaping in the front and back yards done – new sidewalk and driveway, new patio and walkway in the backyard.  It looks beautiful already and it’s not finished! I have decided to postpone flying – I had not been able to fly enough to progress quickly and I was finding that it was too much time away from my family.  A good but hard decision.  Hoping to get back to flying in a few years when all of the kids will be in school and I will have more time to devote to it.  I joined Jonathan Roche’s bootcamp this month.  It is so fun and inspiring to wake up every morning knowing there is a new workout for today to do with one of the coaches (Jonathan, Stephanie, Eric and Mamoud).

August was a month of fun and adventure and working on our outdoor projects.  Not much creating time … this is my progress:

August Goals/Progress:


  •  focus on getting our home decluttered, with places for everything – organized for school – a start on this.  Reading flylady emails again, buying a new desk for upstairs which has dramatically changed the paper flow on the counter, painting the backdoor lockers so that we can use this as a launch pad for school … continuing to work on the clutter.
  • consider how to do all the activities in my life with joy and decide how to organize this – made the decision to postpone flying, choosing every day to live with joy!
  • OLW – April, July and August’s prompts – completed August!  WOOHOO!
  • Photo book: January to July 2013 – uploaded some photos!

September Goals:

  • OLW – work on prompts for April, July and September
  • Bootcamp – to show up everyday and get to my goal
  • Photo books: January to August 2013

Other projects that are on my list (for me to tackle in the future):

1. Use the beautiful fabric sent to me from Jolene (Blue Elephant Stitches).
2. Joshua’s baby book (make him a shutterfly baby book).
3. Deal with my photos:
a) print and put in albums Sept 2009 to December 2009, and January 2013 to present.
b) deal with the huge box of photos under my desk (2005-2009).
4. Hang up photos and artwork we have framed on our walls.
5. Finish 2011 Daily December
6. Blog books for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012
7. Pj bottoms for my boys (Batman fabric bought)

Lofty goals — 15 minutes at a time and it will all get done =)

Looking forward to September!


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