The start of a new quilt


I haven’t had a quilt on the go for a few weeks … I was starting to get the itch (if you know what I mean!).  Olivia and I have been looking on flickr for ideas for a quilt for her bed.  I had planned to use the bird fabric I bought several years ago (Echino fabric designed by Etsuko Furuya) but I didn’t pay attention to the type of fabric I was buying and it isn’t quilting cotton.  We are using it for a bulletin board in her room and also for curtains.  Her quilt will be a granny squares quilt as inspired by Blue Elephant Stitches using similar colors in the Echino fabric.  On Saturday I went to a fabric sale with my friend Shirley and bought some lovely fabric that will work beautifully for Olivia’s quilt.  Those fabrics and some scraps from my Hope Valley quilt should work beautifully.  This week I’m cutting out all the 2.5 inch squares that I will need.


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