February Progress

Happy March!  We’ve had such a mild winter (February) that it makes me excited for spring (yesterday the kids and I even bought rubber boots so that we’re prepared for the puddles!).  February was a month where I focused on prospering in LOVE.  It was also a very productive crafty month:

February Progress:

1. Commissioned Quilt: Completed and delivered!  Woohoo!
2. OLW: February prompt – done!
3. Project Life – completed each week – a really nice project to stay creative and tell our story!
4. Daily December 2011 – didn’t even work on this!

IMG_0770 IMG_0771
5. Bucket Quilts: I made two – one for my new nephew Liam and one for Joel’s teacher who just had a baby.  Quick and rewarding!
6. December photo book made!

March Goals:

  • Hope Valley Quilt – excited to get working on this project again!  The top is done, my goal is to make the back, sandwich and get started on the quilting.
  • OLW (prompt and focusing on prospering in our finances)
  • Project Life
  • Blog book for 2012

Other projects that are on my list (for me to tackle in the future):
1. Use the beautiful fabric sent to me from Jolene (Blue Elephant Stitches).
2. Make a quilt for Olivia (I already have the fabric)
3. Joshua’s baby book (make him a shutterfly baby book).
4. Deal with my photos:
a) print and put in albums Sept 2009 to December 2009, and January 2013 to present.
b) deal with the huge box of photos under my desk (2005-2009).
5. Hang up photos and artwork we have framed on our walls.
6. Finish 2011 Daily December
7. Blog books for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012

Lofty goals — 15 minutes at a time and it will all get done =)


One thought on “February Progress

  1. scrappymom123

    hhm i wish i could see the pictures i may have to come for a visit soon so i can see your stuff been working so much i hardly get a day off lately lol hope you and the family are well


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