Liam’s bucket Quilt


I like to make “bucket” quilts for new babies.  I made one for Olivia and it was the perfect size to tuck her into her car seat and keep her warm. I made one for Liam in record time!  I met my wonderful mother in law at the fabric store to pick fabric (she had already seen his room so she had a good idea about what colours would look good and what they might like).  Thanks Renee!  That afternoon I got to work.  Washing and drying the fabric, cutting and sewing it together.  By tuesday afternoon I had the top complete.  Wednesday I finished the back, sandwiched and sewed on the binding.  Thursday night I had the binding all hand sewed.  Friday morning I washed it!  It is so exciting to pull it out of the dryer all crinkly and finished!!  The only thing left was to give it – which we did when we met Liam last weekend!  I think this is my fastest quilt built ever!



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