Wow … it’s been way longer than I thought, writing on this blog.  But … I’m back.  I have been creating lately … mostly Bible journaling, but also scrapbooking.  As soon as my new office space is finished (desks and a cabinet) then I’ll be quilting again too!  So stay tuned …

PS. My One Little Word this year is GRACE.


Vision Board (One Little Word)

This month of February Ali Edwards (instructor of the One Little Word e-course I’m taking) encouraged us to make a vision board.  I used a 16 by 20 inch canvas that I bought from Michaels, Lepage spray adhesive and cutouts from three magazines – Success, Believer’s Voice of Victory and Live Happy. This is what I came up with:

1. Photo of my table and all of the words and pictures I wanted (not glued down)


2. Close up of the bottom corner (finished project).


3. Finished Vision Board – hanging up in my laundry room.  I thought that would be a good place because I’m in there numerous times in a day and it will inspire me to be BRAVE.


Project Life – week 5

DSC_0570 DSC_0571 DSC_0572

I am really enjoying spending time on this project.  It’s good to spend a morning scrapbooking and playing with our pictures and memories.  This is usually a Sunday afternoon project but I plan on watching the Superbowl tomorrow so I decided to work on it this morning.  I like that each individual pocket can be it’s own little work of art (or just a picture or simple card).  I am also enjoying playing with my sharpie marker and writing directly on the pictures themselves (thank you to Ali Edwards for the inspiration/permission to do this!)

Project Life is a memory keeping system from Becky Higgins.You can find out more about her system and products here.


Brave (One Little Word)

Every year since 2006 I have chosen a word to think about and use as my focus.  This year my word is: BRAVE.  I had a similar word in 2008 – courage.   This was a good word for me because Joshua was born 8 weeks early that January.  I needed courage to get through the 40 days in the hospital and all the things necessary to help him thrive in his first year.)  I’m excited to see how BRAVE will help me to thrive in 2015.

The definition of BRAVE:

  • possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance
  • making a fine appearance.
  • Archaic. excellent; fine; admirable.
  •  a brave person.
  • to meet or face courageously: to brave misfortunes.
  • to defy; challenge; dare.
  • Obsolete. to make splendid.

Some great quotes:

(found on Pinterest – click on each picture to find the source)

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 5.02.09 PM
Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 5.04.53 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-25 at 5.06.11 PM
Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 5.08.20 PM
Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 5.09.34 PMThere are many more amazing quotes I have found.  You can find them here.

My 2015 Intentions

This year (2015) I intend to be BRAVE – to choose to be brave instead of overwhelmed.  These are some of the things I want to accomplish:
– to walk in love and faith
– to forgive (myself and others)
– to continue to workout with my coaches at Bootcamp (aiming for 5-6 times/wk)
– eat good food that nourishes my body
– strive for being full of joy everyday
– stop being afraid
– to be the best wife and Mom I can be
– to speak only positive words
– to continue pursuing creativity in my life (scrapbooking, quilting etc)
– declutter our home
– learn to manage our finances wisely
– following God and getting to know Him better

So there you have it.  This year in 2015 I intend to be BRAVE.  This doesn’t mean I’ll be perfect but I’ll strive to be the best person I can be (all the while realizing that I’m human and allowing for myself to be imperfect and myself.)   So glad I get to do this journey of life with my family at my side and with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Ali Edwards is the amazing woman who came up with the idea of One Little Word.  She teaches an online class (that I’m currently taking).  You can check it out here.

Project Life Update

What a fun project!  The wonderful thing is that I have carved out Sunday afternoons to be my Project Life time.  And so far, I’m up to date with this project!  Hoping I can keep it up!

Here are weeks 2, 3 and 4:

PL2015Wk2blog PL2015Wk3blog PL2015WK4blog

Project Life is a memory keeping system from Becky Higgins.You can find out more about her system and products here.

Project Life (week one)

I have decided to start working on a year long project called PROJECT LIFE.  I worked on this in 2013 in a digital version but I’ve been inspired to use some physical product created by Becky Higgins and and her team.  The kit I choose is called Midnight Edition by  Liz Tamanaha.  I have also bought the digital papers so I can make my own embellishments and journalling cards to match.  I enjoyed working on this (I’m hoping it will be a Sunday afternoon project).  I so enjoy being creative.

PL2015Titleblog PL2015Week1blog


Project Life is a memory keeping system from Becky Higgins.You can find out more about her system and products here.